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Vibrant Voice

Page history last edited by Ms. Edwards 2 years, 6 months ago

Vibrant Voice 


Voice means:


  • writing is specific, detailed, original with figurative language
  • personality shines through
  • writer is committed to the topic with lots of interesting ideas and details
  • writer cares enough to create a mind movie for the audience so the reader doesn't need to guess





Writing Fix: http://www.writingfix.com/6Traits/Voice.htm

Interactive Voice: http://senior.billings.k12.mt.us/6traits/voice/index.htm

Explanation and Examples:  http://www.ttms.org/writing_quality/voice.htm




Boring: The snow fell.


Voice: The snow drifted delicately in slow motion, creating a soft blanket over the field.


Boring: He ran to the gym to play basketball.


Voice: Jimmy bounded down the hallway like a gazelle, leaned into the turn around the ramp railing, and without missing a beat, stole the basketball from Jake to leap into a three-point swoosh from the center line.


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