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Poem for Two Voices

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A Poem for Two Voices

Project Real Celebration 98 99




A Celebration Poem forTwoVoices

by Sheri Edwards and Laura Jones


Sometimes people ask us,

"Aren't you disjointed with just cyberspace around you?"


We can't help laughing when they ask us.

I put myself in charge.


And I say, "How could I be?" I know who's in charge.

If they could think of the apple tree, they'd know too.





Like a leaf of an apple tree, I shine right along with many others, soaking up nutrients from the soil and sun;

Mentors and Facilitators soak up ideas from each other.




Sun or rain, the leaf stores or creates food for thought; my leaf reads the weather messages and passes the ideas on, adding new or varied thoughts to share to bring the blossoms into a bright bloom of classroom ideas because someone else shared and someone else added and someone else questioned and someone else cheered.





And out of the email and team meetings, the blossoms burst forth: writing plans K-12, EALR report cards, secondary study skills, kissed pigs, primary science writing, standardized five paragraph essay/expository format STEPS; collaboration; reading and writing continuums; determining criteria and assessments; great conversations (email and otherwise).



Next year, who's in charge? Again, it will be all those shining and sharing together, leaves lending nutrients to the next in need. We're all in charge and changing.

Yes, I laugh out loud. This Project Real Tree took root, blossomed, and spread its fruit well beyond its own shade.

In charge of Project Real are all the Professionals involved.



I also put myself in charge.




Back in October, we had our first all group meeting.

Friend, I wish you'd been here.

But since you weren't I'll tell you how it got to be one of the first celebrations for me.





You can simply call them, rural, K-12 teacher if you want to. Me, I think "teacher-leaders," "teacher-collaborators," "risk-takers" and "reflective practitioners" have a better sound.






Well, anyway, it was amazing to be a part of their planning conversations. I realized almost immediately that these teams didn't need me to facilitate their deliberations about what their collective objectives were for the year ahead.






Anyone could see they were already making connections between the EALRs, best practices, and their content areas.



It has to be something I plan to remember the rest of my life.


What if I'd missed it?


It will be something I remember for the rest of my life.


What if I'd missed it?


We have to laugh out loud.



Celebrate Project Real 98 99

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