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Lesson Plans 5 Day Prompts

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Lesson Prompts[1]

for Lesson Plans 5 Day




For grades 7 8


1. Convince your parents to raise your allowance.


2. Should at least two years of foreign language classes be required forhigh-school graduation?


3. Should there be a dress code at your school?


4. Persuade your parents to listen to your favorite music.


5. Your principal has asked you to suggest one way of improving yourschool to make it a better place for students.  Think about thechanges that are needed at your school.  Pick one change you feelwould really make a difference.  Write an essay to convince yourprincipal that your idea is one that should be adopted.


6. Convince your teacher to read a favorite book of yours to the class.


7. Children watch too much television.  Do you agree?  Take a stand andsupport it.  Convince your reader of your position.


8. Are part-time jobs for high school students a good thing


9. Students are allowed to drop out of school at age 16.  Should thestate lower the school dropout age?  Write an essay to support yourview on the subject.


10. Should your school require uniforms?  Convince your reader why orwhy not uniforms should or should not be required in your school.


11. Convince your parents to take you to a particular place.


12. Should gum chewing (use whatever is forbidden at your school) beallowed on the school campus?


13. Should community service be a requirement for graduation from highschool?


14. Suppose you want a pet, and your parents are not sure you should haveone.  Think of the reasons for having a pet.  Think of what you can saythat would change your parents’ minds.  Write a paper to convince yourparents to allow you to have a pet.


15. Persuade your mom to let you have your favorite food any time youwant it.




Grade 6


1. Write about what you think the world will be like in 100 years.


2. We are learning all the time.  Write about something you have learnedrecently and how it has affected you.


3. You have been asked by your principal to recommend one course whichwill help you prepare for the job you want in the future.  It could be acourse your school is already offering or a new course.  Write anessay to explain to your principal the course you would recommend.  Besure to give the reasons for your suggestion.


4. Explain the main reasons why you think students drop out of school.


5. Talk about your favorite music and why you like it.


6. Think of your favorite year in school.  Explain why it was your favoriteyear.


7. Friends are important, but everyone has a different opinion of whatmakes a good friend.  Explain what, in your opinion, makes a goodfriend.


8. Some teachers are special.  Without giving any names, explain why oneparticular teacher in your life was special.


9. If you could change one thing about your school, what would youchange?  Explain why.


10. We all get angry at times, but different people react in differentways.  Some people show their anger openly, and some hide it withinthemselves.  Explain and describe what you do when you get mad.


11. Friends sometimes experience conflicts.  Explain why this happens.


12. If someone were new to your town, explain to him/her the highlights.


13. If you could make changes to your school lunchroom, what would youdo?


14. Most people like one particular animal more than others.  Explain whyyour favorite animal is your favorite animal.


15. Most people remember one day that really was special.  Think about aspecial day you have had and write an essay explaining why that daywas so special.



for grade 5


1. Suppose you had invented a time machine.  Write a story about whatyou did with it.


2. Write to tell of a day when you were the teacher.  What did you do?


3. Write a story about trading places with your favorite TV, movie, orrock star.


4. One day a spaceship lands on the playground of your school . . .


5. Your shoe must have a story to tell.  Tell it.


6. Your class grew plants as a science project.  One day you looked atyour plant and saw something really strange had grown there.


7. Write a story about what it would be like if you woke up one morningwith wings.


8. On your birthday, a strange-looking lady came to you door and handedyou a wrapped present.  You rattled it.  It made a noise.  Write a storyabout this present.


9. Your teacher one day announced that your class was going on awonderful field trip.  Write a story about this field trip.  In yourstory, you can have your class go anywhere you wish.


10. One day, as you were petting and talking to your friend’s dog, itanswered back!  Write a story about this.


11. Write a story about yourself as a hero.  What did you do to become a hero?  Tell your story.


12. As you walked down the hallway at school, you heard some strangemusic coming from the custodian’s closet.  What was it?  Write astory about it.


13. Tell a story about children who live in a world where there is no suchthing as television, computers, or electronic games.


14. A distant relative bequeathed you a strange ring.  As you put this ringon, you discover that it has strange powers.  What does it look like?What does it do?  Tell a story about this ring.


15. Tell a story about your ideal place to live.  What would it be like to live there?


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  1. Excerpted from Blowing Away the State Writing Assessment Test by Jane Bell Kiester and retyped by Northwest Regional Education Laboratory; Google Search: and Download at: http://www.nwrel.org/assessment/pdfGeneral/Prompts_BlowingAway.pdf

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