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Golden Eagles

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Golden Eagles







What do you know about golden eagles?


How are the Nespelem Eagles like Golden Eagles?


Research the facts:

















Research Guidelines


Golden Eagles Think Sheet




Click to download a copy of the Think Sheet



Goal: Apply researched facts to share information with others (see products below).


Use the following headings to take notes before, during, and after research. Use one sheet of paper for each heading.


Before research:


A       A few ideas I have are:



E      Everyone else knows:



I      Ideas I want to know are: (List at least 6-8 questions about Golden Eagles)




During Research (notes):


I        In my source, ideas I learned are:


O       Organize your learning (number them in a logical order)


O       Other ideas and connections I have (such as how Nespelem Eagles and Golden Eagles are alike):



After Research:


U    Understandings (big ideas) I now have are:


U    Understandings (big ideas) that connect facts of golden eagles to our school mascot--eagles


How are the Nespelem Eagles like Golden Eagles?



Broster: Create an 8 1/2 x 11 inch brief poster which includes: your own title, gist statement, labeled illustration, wonder/clarifying question



Thank you letter to Monte Joseph and family for their gift of a Golden Eagle to our school.  Show your respect by sharing facts -- tell what you know about golden eagles, and how golden eagles are like Nespelem Eagles.




Model Letter:

Blue Write Source p. 476

Write Source 2000, p. 150-151



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