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Our Wikis: What Else Site     Eagle Views    Eagles Write (5)





Lange Assignment: Summaries and Gist Statements

Reading Google Site



Where I'm From

Where I'm From Ms. Edwards   Ms Edwards draft

Where I'm From Mrs. Evans

Where I'm From notes



National Day of Writing Info


How to Log In to my.nsdeagles.org   My NSD Eagles



Eracism Project

Flat Classroom Ning Eracism

Flat Classroom Wiki Eracism Video

Flat Classroom Conference

"Building bridges today that society tomorrow will walk across"


7, 6



W76 Requirements 0910

Genre Information: the kinds of writing you need to write

Grammar Packet 1 I: Complete in class (Extra credit if completed by 10/22)

Grammar Packet 2 I:

Cover Letter for Final Drafts (Sample)


Grade 6 Practice Topics

Grade 7 Practice Topics


Writing Process Evaluation





Grammar Packet 1 (Partner Directions): Complete in class


Resources for All


Writing Prompts


Required:  Genre Prompts 

Write Source

Monthly/Daily Prompts  Scroll down to month

Journal Writing Prompts

1000 Writing Ideas

Day/Month Prompts

Prompts with downloads

Journal Prompts

Daily Writing from Pickering Elementary School

Ideas for Lists

More Journal Writing Ideas (Scroll down)







What are transitions?

Transitions in essays

Transition List


Adding Details








Write what you know video

Science News Writing

Journal Writing




Online Drawing

One Motion


Resources for Grade 7



Table of Contents

Convincing Writing

Where's the Love



Persuasive Prompts & Lessons



Prompts (5th)

Bright Red Prompts

10 Prompts (detailed)

Prompts and Lessons

Persuasive Essay How To

Persuasive Prompts

Persuasive Prompts/Lessons


How Tos

An Outline for Persuasive Writing

Scholastic Writing Workshop

Writing to Persuade How To (UK)

Persuasive Ads: Techniques Online

Topic Sentences and Argument Quiz

Persuasive lessons


Resources for Grade 8


Intoduction: Photogaphy, Reading, Writing

Primary Document: Executive Order 9066

Photos Tell the Story (NPR)

Dorothea Lange  Reproducible here


Reading Quiz -- 3 questions


Resources for Grade 5


Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays -- What are they?


Past Lessons


Constitution Day

Bill of Rights Pop Up fom Junior Scholastic

Preamble and Note


Roadmap to the Constitution: Created by Students

Choose a section you want to learn about

Why did you choose that section?

What were the main ideas?  -- What are the facts?

What is important about what you learned?  Why is it important to you?


Our Facts



President Obama Speech

Pre Questions here


Google Docs on the computer -- see tab Why Here

Setting Goals

To Win, We will

Ongoing Work


Math Data Work


After School Activities Data -- completed


Finding Facts -- For class discussion of graphs

Comment on Graphs A and B here



Six Trait Quiz


Power Write

Power Write







Wiki Roundup

Review all about formatting and saving wiki pages here on the Wiki Roundup!


Text Talks

Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them. ~ Alfred North Whitehead

What ideas are worth keeping? Let's talk as we wonder about the world.  Click here.


Our World

Writing class has expanded to the online world.  What does this mean? How will we act and react? What are the hidden rules? Let's think about our 5B's and how WE want to be treated by others. What do we think the online world should be like? The project: Our World.



About Us

Decide your code name after your teacher gives you directions. Then link to the page that matches your computer number.  The direction and link page is here.


Who Are You?

Listen to the story, "What are athletes made of? read by your teacher. Then complete this project with a team to answer, What is your eam made of?  Who Are You?


About Me

Create a new page that is titled <class> About <code> using the "About Me" template. If your are in the W8 class and your name is Albo41, then your page will be "W8 About Albo." Follow the questions and examples on the page as directed in class. This will be your own tracking page for projects, team and individual so you know and I know what you have completed.  Be sure to put your code name in the "tag" section at the bottom of the page before you save.  For directions on creating a page, go to About Me to see the questions and start your own page.


Be a Leader

As leaders of the school community, we have been asked to create two wiki pages,  both to explain our school standards: The 5B's.  One page will explain in definitions, examples, and illustrations for intermediate students (Grades 4-8), and one page will explain in definitions, examples, and illustrations for primary students (Grades K-4).


This is an introduction to Wiki and a School Service Project.    Project: Be A Leader



Please complete these surveys to help us better serve your child(ren).  Thank you.



Family Survey 1  


About your child

Family Survey 2


Past Projects




Choose what interests you:



Six Trait Quiz



Template for summer work.


Follow the directions for each:

  1. Something Interesting: Horse History

  2. What is audience?

  3. Glaciers and Us



Learn from others


Check out a student essay/blog here.



Middle School Survey


Online Writing


A Poem in Your Pocket through Bubblr

PicLit Poetry

Write Stories with Bookr




Write what you know video

Science News Writing

Journal Writing



Summer Camp 09 Invites

Setting Goals

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